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The Blue Heart Campaign

Keen to encourage wildlife and wildflower growth within the parish, Desford Parish Council has been working with The Blue Heart campaign via Leicestershire County Council. The verge along Hunts Lane between the cemetery (on the cemetery side of the road) and roundabout at Newbold Road was deemed a suitable location.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate that by managing the grassland as a wildflower meadow it can support a much greater diversity of wildlife species.

Starting in spring/summer 2021, to encourage wildlife habitat, the area will no longer be mown. The area was surveyed in June 2021 by NatureSpot volunteers and DPC were advised that in order to improve biodiversity, initially yellow rattle seeds should be planted with other wildflowers to follow in the coming years.

Desford in Bloom volunteers worked incredibly hard at the end of the first summer season to cut back all of the grass so the area could be scarified and then planted the yellow rattle seeds - we are looking forward to how this wild flower meadow develops over the coming years!

Further details about the Blue Heart Campaign can be found at:

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